Sponsorship Opportunities

The following is a list of monetary expenses that is required for me to campaign my car throughout the year. The reason that I am posting this list is to give potential sponsors the opportunity to select specific items that will help Mathermotorsports stay competitive throughout the year. Should you choose to help the team, your exposure will not be limited to that particular event. Mathermotorsports is invited to and attends many car shows throughout the year. The car and van always draw a crowd!!!

Event entry fees, starting at the beginning of the year:

Pittsfield Ice Trials - $100 Year 2000 sponsor: The Driving Image Thank You!

Lime Rock Time Trials - $200

Ascutney Hill Climb (spring) - $100

Mt.Washington Hill Climb - $300 Year 2000 sponsor: Acceleration Pluss Thank You!

SCCA Club Rally (spring) - $400

Ascutney Hill Climb (fall) - $100

SCCA Club Rally (fall) - $400

Tires needed to compete:

Five Hoosier Street TD's 225/45/13 used to compete in Hill Climbs and Time Trials: $130 each

Three sets of 14" rally tires used to run SCCA Club Rallies as well as Rally Crosses: $130 each

New Terratripp Rally Intercom System: $100

New Terratripp Rally Computer: $350

In-Car remote video camera: $499

New cams for my 1.6 Rally Sentra: $700

New reprogrammed ECU: $700

New 383 Chevy engine for my service van: $3000!

Gas to and from any of the above events ( my service van gets 6 miles to the gallon)

If you are interested in helping the team in any of the areas mentioned, be sure to send us your company, club or even personal logo so we can get it on vinyl and display it on the car.

Once again, we would like to thank PMR Performance of Berlin for the strongest motor the car has ever had!!!

Mather Motorsports thanks you for any and all your support!!!!!!!!

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