1991 Nissan Sentra SE (1.6L) Commuter work/race car - driven daily

Leda 24-way adjustable coil-over struts, with outboard remote nitrogen reservoirs, 450 lb front coils & 275 lb rear coils
Suspension Techniques front and rear swaybars
Potterfield and Hawk carbon kevlar brake pads
Stainless steel brake lines
Calipers and rotors ceramic coated by AirBorn coatings
Legere custom strut tower brace
Stillen short throw shifter

Spare Suspension
Legere Custom Coilovers
175-500 lb progressive hypercoils up front with Koni adjustable strut inserts
275 lb Eibech rear springs with Tokico struts

Sparco kevlar co-driver seat
Rigard tubeframe driver seat
M&R 6-point safety harnesses
Sparco helmet box
OMP driver foot pedals
OMP co-driver foot rest with horn and wiper buttons
Autometer tach and oil pressure guages, shift and oil pressure lights
Omex Shift Light Sequential
TerraTrip 303 Rally Computer with remote for co-driver
TerraTrip Clubman intercom with practice headsets
Motorola 2 channel, 2 way radios
Factory cruise buttons modified for push-to-talk button for 2-way radio
Custom Legere rally cage
Custom roof vents that open forward or back
Lexan front windows with sliders

Legere custom Spring Block limited slip
Taller final drive - 4.4
Redline oil
Legere custom metallic clutch

K&N cone air filter
Magnacore 8.5 wires
150 Amp alternator from Wrangler Northwest Power Products
Custom headers
Optima yellow-top battery, relocated to the trunk
Legere custom extra-large oil pan & oil cooler
Description of engine rebuild, written by Robert Legere of Legere Motorsports Development

Engine rebuild update

2 Piaa 810 high/low spotlights (80/130 watts)
4 Bosch Rallye 100 watt driving lights
Hella map lights
Hella 500 fog light for reverse

Under Car
Very custom steel frame with Armertex front skid plate
Mud & stone flaps are polyethylene and rubber neoprene
Fuel tank shield is polyethylene


Michelin 13-165, TB-15 Monte Carlo, combination dirt/tarmac rally tires (for Mt. Washington Climb to the Clouds)
Nokia  Hakkapeliitta 10 135/13, poor man's dirt/mud rally tire, but the best deep snow tire
Hoosier  R43 20x8 Cantilever sidewall slick for road race and autox
225-45x13 Autoxer
225-45x13 Street TD
13" Dirt Stocker for road race and autox in the rain
Continental Snows, 13" with 2000 3/4" motorcycle ice racing screws. Tires lined with 1/4 neoprene and tire tubes
Yokohama 205/60x13 AVS for street


last modified November 14, 1999